Monday, July 29, 2013

The First Post!

            So let’s get this started off, you don’t know me.  I don’t know you.  At least most of you anyway…   On this blog, I will be writing about Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror.  Mostly reviews, some news, and (Horror on Horror) maybe samples from my own work.  If your wondering who I am, or if you know and are wondering where I’ve been all this time.  Check out my Twitter: @timothypecoraro or my Goodreads profile: to get some idea.  Don’t worry if you can’t pronounce my last name, no one can.  Which may mean I will be writing under a pseudonym when I do begin writing my own stuff.  But THAT ladies and gentleman, will be coming later!  For right now, check out my latest review of Between Two Thorns over on Goodreads.  It was an audiobook.  But that counts in my book as reading as well.  So if it doesn’t to you, just pretend I read it.

       Hopefully you will be getting daily updates from me, on the latest books I’m reading and probably some news from the world of Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror as well.  But I HAVE done this before, so I won’t PROMISE you a post every day.  Just a post every dayish.  Take that to mean whatever you’d like…

        As this is my first post, I won’t bore you folks too much.  Just know that I’m back(or I’m Here if you’ve never heard of me before) and I’m not going any where, any time soon.

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