Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Thousand Names Book Review

Thousand Names

Django Wexler


July 2, 2013

4/5 Stars


       In life, I feel as though I’m a pretty patient person.  I usually don’t get frustrated very easily.  But the Thousand Names, was really pushing it’s luck with me.  I reached around the 300 page mark and was JUST starting to see the greatness of this book.  By the time the end happens, which it happens over the course of almost a hundred pages.  The reader feels a little shell shocked.  Maybe like a solider from one of the battalions in the book.  The beginning of the book paints interesting villains but we see them only two more times over the course of the entire book.  There is intrigue and politics, and many other things…  But not REAL forward facing villains.  Kind of like real war, you only see the soldiers not the generals who command them.  I suppose…

       The main viewpoint characters are interesting enough and by the end you feel as if you’ve grown attached to them.  Not because they are so relatable or interesting but more because you feel as though “you’ve been through the shit” with them.  It takes a rare book to make me feel as though I have fictional war time companions.

       By and large I REALLY didn’t like the Thousand Names.  Until you get around half way through the book, it’s incredibly slow.  The characters are unlikable, and some of the situations are ridiculous. The author pushes the boundaries that the reader needs to suspend their disbelief right up until near the end.  But then why am I giving this book four stars?  Because I want to read book 2.  I mean, I want to go get it right now and read it.  Which to me, means a book is great even if I have about ten reasons to the contrary.  I would say this,”Unless you want to get hooked by Mr. Django Wexler, into reading book 2.  DO NOT READ THIS BOOK!”  OK? Fair?  You decide…  Or not, up to you…

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