Sunday, November 9, 2014

A Darker Shade of Magic by Victoria Schwab(Preview)



A Darker Shade of Magic (Preview Excerpt)

V.E. Schwab


Pub Date: Feb 24 2015


     Kell is a traveler.  One of the last.  He is a magician who can move through parallel dimensions.  He is little more than an errand boy for the powers that be.  Whether it’s the Royalty of Red London, where there is magic to spare, the wastes of Grey London where magic is almost just a memory, or the war torn White London where magic is drained from people as if they were vampires because it is so precious.  But in these strange places there is something even worse coming.  Something to do with the Final London; Black London.  Where the magic ran so chaotic and rampant that it destroyed everything.  How is this all connected?  What does it have to with Kell?  And what part does the thief Lila have to play in all of this?  Well, I guess we will have to read the Darker Shade of Magic to find out.

     I read probably about one hundred pages of Darker Shade of Magic and I have to say that it one of the most engaging books I’ve read this year.  I found it very difficult to put down and I couldn’t help be completely lost in the worlds of the three Londons.  I love the mysteries that seem to lie just out of the reach of the reader.  The sheer talent that oozes from every page of this book, speaks to the master writer who created Vicious.  Given Victoria Schwab’s obvious talent; it isn’t hard to imagine that this book will be even more of an adventure than it has already hinted at.  I cannot wait until February to read to this book, which this preview read has made this book my #1 Must Read book of 2015!  It should be yours as well…

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