Sunday, May 4, 2014

Heaven’s Queen Book Review

Heaven’s Queen

Rachel Bach

Orbit Books

Pub Date: Apr 22 2014

5/5 Stars


           Heaven’s Queen is part 3 of the Paradox Trilogy.  All three books in the series are excellent and tell a full overarching story.  The fact that none of the three books really tell a full story in and of themselves makes the feeling of the series epic.  Especially when so little time has passed from one book to the next.  But I have to say that I was said to say good bye to Rupert and Devi.  The story as a whole was very good from beginning to end and the depth of both the setting and the characters holds up throughout.  A first person Space Opera told from the female perspective is a nice change.  Especially a hard as nails mercenary like Devi.

           The first couple of books seemed like a cross between Star Trek and Starcraft.  But this novel certainly opened up into something more epic dealing with problems that were of a lot higher magnitude, veering into the saving of humanity type territory.  As usual Rachel Bach does a stellar job with dialogue, character, setting, and especially action sequences which always play out beautifully.  Every book in the series has been consistently excellent and this one is no different.

          I did like the ending but it struck me as being rather final.  Which means that we probably won’t be seeing anymore Devi or Rupert anytime soon.  But hey, Rachel Bach is an inventive author I’m sure she can come up with something if these books sell well.. You know, if they become very popular and lots of people buy them…  Let’s hope she has the need and reason to do so.  Go out and buy Heaven’s Queen if you haven’t already.  You will definitely want to start from the beginning of the trilogy though.  So if you haven’t already just pick up the entire thing.  You’ll love it…

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