Monday, August 25, 2014

Doctor Who Tales of Trenzalore Book Review

Doctor Who Tales of Trenzalore

The Eleventh Doctor's Final Stand

Justin Richards , George Mann , Mark Morris , Paul Finch

BBC Books

Pub Date: Feb 27 2014

3/5 Stars


           The Trenzalore episode of Doctor Who was probably one of the strangest and most climatic that I’ve ever seen in the history of the series(when I say this I mean the 11 doctors not the three or so of the modern series).  I also felt that for as much as the show wanted the viewer to take in, it seemed a rather short affair.  However, this book was not exactly what I’d envisioned when I thought they should have lengthened it.  The four stories are all descent and they do all have the flavor of Doctor Who.  Which is usually a problem in these books.  Often the main characters get rather messed up and you end up following some supporting character around trying to figure out what’s going on.  While this is flirted with several times in this anthology it never happens.  Which is good, because none of these stories are particularly long or very good and if you had to follow some one around to figure out the plot it would probably be a deal breaker.

           Some of the oddities of Trenzalore and the town called Christmas are explained.  Which I thought was interesting and probably worth the read, at least for me.  But I think the average reader will quite put off by the over all tone of most of the stories.  I can say that I’m completely split on this book.  I liked the second two stories much more than the first two. Which in anthologies is not all that unusual but it is rather strange when there are so few stories presented.

            All that said, if you are a big Dr.Who you will want to read this book.  In fact, you probably already have.  But if you are just a casual watcher of the TV Show, then maybe not.  Also, as of the time of this writing there is no Kindle Edition available.  Which also makes this book a bit harder to recommend.  Although, I’m sure there are still lots of you out there would like print books.


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