Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Doctor Who Bog Warrior Review

Doctor Who Bog Warrior

Cecelia Ahern

Random House UK, Ebury Publishing

BBC Books

4/5 Stars


        Let me say first that I am a big fan of Time Trips.  I pretty much read them whenever given the chance.  They come out more slowly in the United States than they do in the UK so we are usually quite a few behind the curve.  I’m told that the latest Dr.(#12) has some Time Trips stories already.  Which I’m excited to read.  But anyway, this one was quite interesting.  I have to admit this was the first time I’d read a non-serious story in Time Trips.  These stories definitely happen in the series on television.  But rarely have I seen them see print in any form.  While I did truly like the story and the concept.  I found it to a be a little blatantly on the short side.  Also, the Dr. was more of an observer than a participant.  Which is interesting because some of the older shows were actually like that.  But I found this to be a bit jarring.  Although, like I said I really liked the story and thought it all very clever.  I found that there wasn’t much “Dr. Whoness,” to it.  Don’t ask me to explain that.  Beyond that it seemed like it could just have been another Science Fiction short story not necessarily set in the Dr.Who universe.  But as I’ve said before for 99 cents it’s really hard to go wrong with Time Trips!

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