Friday, December 18, 2015

Court of Roses and Thorns Review

Court of Roses and Thorns

Sarah J. Maas

Bloomsbury USA Childrens

May 5, 2015

3/5 Stars

    So since I read the Throne of Glass, I decided I would give Sarah J. Maas’s other book series.  Which is much different but kind of similar.  Different is that the book isn’t about assassins with hearts of gold in strange love triangles.  Similar in that the main character is a woman and the book IS essentially a romance.  The story however, is MUCH better than the Throne of Glass series.  I was immediately more interested in this slightly pat theme of a Fae world crossed with the mortal world.

     The problem with that, is the story IS basically pat.  Until the end, which is a whole lot different and quite a bit better than most other books of it’s ilk.  While this excellence does appear a litlte eariler it never really rears it’s head until then.  The worst part is that the pinnacle part of the book is actually a rather old and well worn riddle.  I don’t know why the author thought it would make anyone think twice but perhaps it’s my vast reading knowledge, but I don’t think so.

      What I will say is that I didn’t hate this book as I did the Throne of Glass’s starting novel.  Hopefully this book is a sign of better things to come.

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