Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Empire State Book Review

Empire State

Adam Christopher

Published January 5th 2012

Angry Robot

4/5 Stars

            Super Heroes, Alternate reality, airships, ironclads, and New York City.  If all those things seem disparate don’t worry Adam Christopher and Empire State will explain it all to you.  And he will do it with the voice of Christopher Marlow to boot.  Empire State is one of those rare treats that may fall into our collective laps as a culture every ten years or so.  Something wholly and all most completely original.  An idea that someone had to put a few things together in such a way to make it a completely new thing.  Sure there is alternate history out there, some super hero books, but this book spins it all into a new and different form.  All seen through the eyes of Rad, a private eye with so much trouble he can hardly handle it all.  The sense of discovery in the book is probably the greatest thing it has going for it.  A twisting mystery that begins simply enough but takes the reader on a journey they will not soon forget.  While the book may out stay its welcome in some places.  The overall package is a sure recommend to anyone who likes noir fiction or super hero stories.

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