Monday, December 16, 2013

Celebromancy Book Review


Michael R. Underwood

Gallery, Threshold, Pocket Books

Pub Date: Jul 15 2013

3/5 Stars

           The problem I usually have with Urban Fantasy(Dresden aside of course), is that it seems entirely unbelievable.  It seems like everyone would be running for the hills or people would just find out.  Because that kind of thing would definitely have a way of being found out.  In the world of Celebromancy there is the “Doubt.”  Which keeps people from believing the impossible things are happening.  Especially as time goes on from those impossible things.  Which seems like a great way of handling it.  I wouldn’t argue with Michael Underwood’s world building, but I might with his storytelling.  Celebromancy is a very short book to seem as long as it did for me.  Having not read the previous book in the series I was pleasantly surprised that I was caught up pretty quickly.  Unfortunately, this seemed more to do with the lack of depth on the story’s part rather than any actual catching up a new a reader.  The book is shallow, badly paced, and had a final 25% that made up for the rest of the book.  Yes, I said it, I liked the book just because of that last 25%.  The rest of the book was just a long, boring, dance waiting to get there.  I can put up with a lot of world building, tension building, characterization, etc… But when you simply wander around for the majority of the book and them come out with an excellent final act.  It makes me believe that rather than a novel this should have been a novella or a short story.


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