Sunday, December 29, 2013

POV Book Review


Chris Bosnahan

HarperCollins UK, Digital

Pub Date: Sep 26 2013

3/5 Stars

               Writing this review of POV, has been really difficult.  I found myself belaboring the fact that the book was very short but also inexpensive.  The book was a product of National Novel Writing Month(Nanorimo) in which participants are set to write 50,000 words in a month.  Most professional, published writers use this as a kind of exercise, never publishing what comes out of it.  Or they use it as a way to generate some cool ideas that they MAY use.  But this book wasn’t self published it was published by HarperCollins UK, so who am I to judge it based on that.

               So I decided to judge it for what it was only and not take any of those of considerations into account.  That’s all I can do as a reviewer…  So here we go;  the main story POV, is very short, but well paced.  The characters are somewhat well fleshed out except that the two or three changes in perspective can be a little jarring in a story that short.  But again, the story is paced very well, giving the reader the feel of watching a movie or a television episode rather than reading a book.  I would have liked to see the middle of the sotyr developed more as it stands it seems like the story he wrote for the contest with no additions.  People don’t do that with their stuff for Nanrimo and I hope this author didn’t either.  But the brevity of the entire work certainly hurts it.

              The other three stories; Warning, Happy Pills, and The Knight in the Library were good short stories.  But a strange inclusion here as they had nothing to do with the main story whatsoever.  So being bonus content they were a nice addition.  However, having one reasonably long story that seemed like more than a novella, would have also been nice.  If you’re interested in POV, it’s very reasonably priced, so go a head and give it a try.


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