Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Grimm Fairy Tales” Robyn Hood: Wanted Graphic Novel Book Review

Grimm Fairy Tales: Robyn Hood: Wanted

Larry Watts

Diamond Book Distributors


Pub Date   Nov 19 2013

3/5 Stars

         When I picked this up it was because I had been meaning to get into the Grimm Fairy Tales series for quite a while.  I heard a lot of good things about it; and thought this one might be the place to start.  Grimm Fairy Tales comics are basically the theme or idea of a fairy tale or traditional archetype world and hero and put them into our world.  They are kind of like urban fantasy comic books.  This one keeps shifting from a medieval Nottingham and a modern day city.  Eventually the two worlds collide and madness ensues.  It’s not a bad story, if a little predicable.  I really liked the cover art.  All the covers are full page layouts in the back of the book.  But the panel art itself, I found a bit lackluster and much to light in most places.  I was a little put off by how much pastel seemed to be used in this book.

        Overall, a fun book.  But with stuff like Fables out there; I think they have a long way to go to compete.

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