Thursday, November 7, 2013

Unbound Book Preview(First 8 Chapters)

The Unbound

Victoria Schwab


January 28, 2014


        Unbound starts right from where the Archived left off.  I love books that do that.  But what’s more, if you haven’t read the Archived you are pretty much fully updated by the time you hit around chapter 3 or 4.  Which is also excellent.  As much as I really enjoyed the Archived I have to say that this book seems even better.  Being introduced to more characters and potentially having Mackenzie getting into even more trouble.  Seems like a definite plus for not only this book but the series.  All the great stuff is back from the Archived.  The Histories, the Archives, Wesley(yes girls, I know), and even more emotionally engaging dramatic stuff that this series is definitely known for.  I have to say that I would put this author’s dialog scenes against anyone else in the world.  They are engaging, interesting, and emotionally charged in a way that you really get to care about the characters.  I cannot wait to read the rest of this book.  As much as I loved the Archived, I can only imagine how much better this book will be.  If you want to read the first 8 chapters for yourself head over here.  And read them.

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