Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Last to Rise Book Review

Last to Rise

Francis Knight

Orbit Books

Pub Date: Nov 26 2013

4/5 Stars

         “Goddess save me from idiots and holy men..”

                                                      Rojan, Last to Rise.


       I have to admit that Last to Rise was a very anticipated novel for me.  It is the third and as far as I know final book in a trilogy of books, which the first one was Fade to Black which came out back in January of this year.  Yes an entire trilogy in a year.  The book, as part of the trilogy is amazing.  Everything is coming to a head, the Storad are at the gate; literally.  Things are going to get much worse before they get better.  The story is well handled and while there are new characters introduced.  None shine as brightly as the characters who have been there from the beginning.  I find myself at a loss when I talk about Last to Rise because with the trilogy over I mostly think about the trilogy as a whole.  Nothing ends the way one might expect and I have to admit Last to Rise has one of the best Epilogues I’ve ever read.  No matter what Francis Knight writes next, I definitely NEED to read it.

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