Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Paper Sword Book Review

The Paper Sword

Robert Priest


Pub Date: Jul 14 2014

4/5 Stars


      The Paper Sword is another fine example of Middle Grade Fantasy done right.  This book was excellent; I loved the fast paced plot, the engaging characters, and the story was also excellent.  Right up until the end, this would have been a five star review if not for the abrupt ending that comes absolutely out of now where.  It is almost as if the writer hit is word count for the book and just stops at the next sentence.  I was annoyed by this and it was certainly jarring after such a well told story.  But this IS the first book in the series, so I suppose we will all find out what happens in book two.  I would have just like some closure; it is always good when an author is able to make a series book as standalone as possible.  Both for the reader’s sake and the sake of sales.  If someone HAS to start with book one and then HAS to read book 2.  It can be a little off putting for some readers, especially if book two is a year away from being published.  But overall, the book was great and I cannot wait to find out what happens next.

      Finally, I would like to note that readers of any age will get enjoyment out of this book.  The author is writing about younger children, but the story itself is very good, and much like Harry Potter there really isn’t an age limit on the enjoyment of this work.



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