Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Beyond the Rift Book Review


Beyond The Rift

Peter Watts

Tachyon Publications

Pub Date: Nov 18 2013

5/5 Stars


        I’m not usually one for short story collections; normally I usually like one or two stories and then chuck the rest.  But this one is freaking amazing.  One story better than the next.  I was thrilled with each one.  None of the stories were so long that I got bored and none were so short that they seemed unfinished or rushed.  However, a couple of these stories definitely have the spark of a whole novel in them; at least in my opinion.  I really loved this collection and I’m actively looking for other books by Peter Watts.  He definitely has an incredible voice for science fiction.  He is an amazing author and perhaps his personal hardship has only reinforced the power of his literary voice.  I would suggest to any fan of science fiction to give this short story collection a shot.  It is far and away the best science fiction collection I’ve read in years.

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