Saturday, February 8, 2014

Romulus Buckle & the Engines of War Book Review


Romulus Buckle & the Engines of War

Richard Ellis Preston Jr.

Amazon Publishing

Pub Date: Nov 19 2013

4/5 Stars


            This was a hard review to write.  As I felt that the first book in this series wasn’t very good except for it’s adventurous spirit and it’s dealing with the added Martians to the Steampunk world.  In fact, the world of the first book was one of the only things I felt was unique or interesting about it.  I also loved the character Max, for was a Martian herself.  Max was sidelined for most of this book and really plays little to no part in it.  This was disappointing.  But the story itself was much better than the first and the pacing had been tightened up quite a bit.  There are still some of the problems from the first book; like Romulus being more lucky than good and acting like he was more good than lucky.  But if the whole rest of the book is good, I can deal with a main character that sometimes makes me roll my eyes.  I wasn’t entirely thrilled with the end but now that the book is firmly in a place where it is definitely going to be a series.  I guess that I can deal with that as well.  The very much improved second book in this series is definitely worth a look; especially if you liked book #1.


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