Friday, April 25, 2014

Falconer Book Review


The Falconer

Elizabeth May

Chronicle Books(May 6,2014)

5/5 Stars


          When I first learned about Falconer more than a year ago.  I was incredibly intrigued by the premise.  The whole Regency girl goes out every night and kills faeries was incredibly unique and I felt that on that basis alone it was a winner.  Then I found out that Elizabeth May was a PhD candidate and her thesis was on Scottish Folklore.  Anyone reading the Falconer will be immediately struck by how authentic all of her creatures are and how interesting her world is.  Well, there is your culprit, real information!  Very impressive indeed.  But all of this is nothing if you don’t have a good story.  Seems, the author has that one covered as well.  There is the typical love triangle that plagues so many YA books but it seems our main character isn’t having much of it.  There is the Regency atmosphere but our main character only cares about keeping up the appearance of propriety.  Also, fascinating…

          Falconer is, as I’ve commented to more than one of my friends.  Gail Carriger crossed with Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  If that doesn’t get you interested you’ve either never heard of the subject matter being crossed or you’re dead.  If you’re the former please familiarize yourself with the subject matter and return.  If you’re the latter, reading this review please contact me via social media and let me know how it is you’ve managed thus far.  Falconer is an incredibly unique and well written book.  I think everyone who loves fantasy should give it a shot.  Also, the ending is a cliffhanger so we all have to read book 2 now.  I may have to order the UK version just to find out what happens.  Thanks a lot Elizabeth!

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