Friday, April 11, 2014

Peacemaker Book Review



Marianne De Pierres


Pub Date: Apr 29 2014

3/5 Stars


        I found Peacemaker to be a very strange book.  There are lots of things about the setting that even once you’ve completed the book are probably going to be a mystery.  Like is this a distant future where something bad has happened that has hampered some technologies while allowing other technologies to flourish?  Hard to say…  Why do all the main characters have names out of Saturday morning cartoons?  Nate Sixkiller, Bull Hunt, Heart Williams(He is a stripper, but they seem to insinuate that’s his real name), and Virgin(why would you name your kid Virgin?  I guess it could be short for Viriginia?  Except that NO ONE EVER calls her that).  How is it that the US Marshalls don’t have authority over state police in a State Park?  Not sure…  Oh and where are all the cars?  Why can’t Virign’s disincarnate hurt anyone?  Where are all the freakin Police?  Some of the areas are so crime ridden that there are people having shoot outs in the middle of the street.  With not even an after thought of Police.   But the main character sneezes and they are all over her.  What is going on?  None of these questions will be answered for you in this book.  Sorry…

       There is an odd detective style novel in here but some of the setting questions really start eating away at the suspension of disbelief.  Virgin is a pretty could main character and the book IS told from her point of view.  Which might have been part of the problem.  Sometimes you feel like you’ve started watching a movie after it’s already been on for a half hour and you missed all the setup.  I can usually pretty easily roll with this.  But the author takes WAY TOO LONG to explain some things and some things she NEVER explains at all.  I really liked the story in Peacemaker and I think I would have liked it even more if I understood how everything that happened fit into the setting.  Some things I’m fine with not knowing, but the list on this book is a little too long for my tastes.

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