Sunday, April 6, 2014

Wolfhound Century Book Review

Wolfhound Century

Peter Higgins


Pub Date: Feb 2 2014

3/5 Stars


          Wolfhound Century is a very frustrating book.  It starts VERY slowly as a Soviet Style crime novel where a budding revolutionary means to take down the regime and our hero is trying to prevent him from doing so.  But that isn’t what Wolfhound Century is about at all.  The book is instead about a world much like our own but VERY DIFFERENT where there are things in the shadows.  REAL THINGS!  There is some magic and there are even monsters.  Some human and some not so human.  This strange midstream shift, while interesting from a literary point of view.  Often makes the reader feel as though they are missing something.  In fact, as the REAL story and REAL world of Wolfhound Century come to light.  It is hard for any reader not to feel a bit cheated that they didn’t know all this from the beginning and with this knowledge what could have the rest of the story meant to them.

           While in the last few chapters of Wolfhound Century I feel it almost redeems the entire book.  I do mean almost…  Because I was still a little raw from reading the other 75% of the book in which things were so slowly revealing themselves that it might have made the reader feel that there was an actual mystery to be revealed rather than just information that the author was choosing to withhold from the reader.  While what Wolfhound Century finally turned into is usually the type of story I enjoy.  The road to the story was so long and uninteresting that I’m done reading this series.  If you can forgive the author making you read through the rest of the book; you might really like the overall story in Wolfhound Century.  But I didn’t….


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