Thursday, January 23, 2014

Doctor Who Into the Nowhere Book Review

Doctor Who: Into the Nowhere

Jenny Colgan

Random House UK, Ebury Publishing

Pub Date: Jan 16 2014

4/5 Stars


         I’ve pretty much loved all of the Doctor Who Time Trips Series and this book is no exception.  While in some cases the size of the book does not gel with the price.  I think that they are getting better about that.  While overall, the story here is a little lackluster and for some people having Clara be so close to the beginning of her time with the Doctor rather nearer to the end might be a bit weird.  I found the whole thing wonderful and if my time permitted me; I would have read the whole thing in one sitting.  It was incredibly fast read and while, as I said, the story wasn’t the best.  I found the dialog most intriguing and enough of the story was good to keep me interested.  Perhaps it was the very nature of the material or perhaps some of the more witty sections were too obviously witty.  But the plot didn’t really do it for me.  But I love a good Doctor Who story and this one was good enough to push it over the mark of average and into the realm of good.  If not only just.  So read at your own risk but considering the price; it really is a no brainer to purchase no matter what.

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