Friday, January 17, 2014

Faceless One Book Review

Faceless One

Mark Onspaugh

Random House Publishing Group - Hydra

Pub Date: Oct 28 2013

4/5 Stars


              Faceless One is definitely not your typical debut offering.  If I hadn’t known that this was Mark Onspaugh’s first novel I would have never even considered it a possibility.  This is a genuine piece of awesome horror fiction.  It does drag in areas and getting through a good portion of the book could be a bit of a trial.  But all in all I really liked his ideas and found many of the takes he examined of not only a way to bring in some Native American mythology without being racist but also he was able to introduce supernatural elements without making them too crazy.  Atleast until the finale, but that also seemed appropriate.  There are arguments to made criticizing the work; like there were too many characters or that the pay off was a little to easy to figure out.  But I was happy to not contemplate these issues and just enjoy the ride.  Considering Random House has the book so reasonably priced I’m sure you will find yourself feeling the same way.


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