Sunday, January 19, 2014

Pandemic a Book Review


Scott Sigler

Crown Publishing

Pub Date: Jan 21 2014

3/5 Stars


         I want to say first off that I have not read any of the other books in the Infected series.  This is book #3 in that series and while I’m not sure it’s the end, it seems to imply it.  This novel has a very slow start, certainly unlike most third books in a series there is lots of groundwork to be laid.  Which I felt was strange, even while appreciating that you really didn’t need to have read the other books in the series to appreciate this one.  By the middle of the book things start to get going and I would say from about 60% on the book is a thrill ride.  I really liked it.  But that was my entire problem with the book.  Why was only thirty percent of the book exciting.  There certainly was plenty of room for other things to have happened during this period.  The author even skips ahead through some areas that weren’t worth describing.  Well why not make them worth describing.  Also, there is a large amount of time, that Margret Montoya is stuck on this submarine with nothing at all happening.  It seemed rather odd to me that they didn’t explain what was going on during this period.  The sequence of events might have been simultaneous but it was described that way.  It seemed very odd and an oversight in what was otherwise a very well crafted novel.  At least if you discount the entirely too long and too boring part 1 which could have been summarized for as much as I ended up caring about it.  And very little of it actually effects the rest of the book.  The characters we meet are hardly used to any degree that would make us care enough to have read through the slog that is part 1.

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