Saturday, March 15, 2014

Coldest Girl in Coldtown Book Review


Coldest Girl in Coldtown

Holly Black

Little, Brown Books for Young Readers

(September 3, 2013)

3/5 Stars


       Sometimes having a great idea just isn’t enough…  This book has an incredible premise, the idea that having vampires in a state of a disease similar to TB or smallpox; is awesome.  It is definitely a step above the norm.  But the story that is wrapped in this wonderful world is not as original.  In fact, it is a rehash of so many different tropes and cliches that if the reader is a true fan of vampire fiction they can check them off like a shopping list.  But what is worse, is that the major plot revolves around some of the old cliches in vampire fiction and horror fiction.  I applaud this book for being a standalone vampire story that is set in this unique world and I certainly loved the ending.  But the rest of the book is just so rote, that I could not get past it.  Tana is a wonderful main character, but I think the author could have taken her farther.  That is really the moral of this book.  A great idea that could have been taken so much further and to such greater effect.

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