Saturday, March 29, 2014

The Cleansing Book Review


Sam Kates

Smithcraft Press

Pub Date: Dec 22 2013

3/5 Stars


       The Cleansing certainly has an interesting take on the Apocalypse Novel.  The aliens want the Earth back.  Which is cool, but the book has a kind of meandering quality about it that takes over most of the book.  There often seems like a lack of focus here.  Some characters seem more important than others only to be replaced by those characters.  I especially wasn’t too fond of the VERY late explanation as to what was REALLY going on.  I feel like it might have made the earlier parts of the book more interesting.  But my biggest complaint about this book is the ending.  The book has it’s climax, I guess…  Then it just stops.  Book 1 of a series or not, I was a little put off by this.  The “main characters,” don’t seem to have accomplished much and while they have made a tiny step toward their goal.  The ending seemed more like a word count limit than an actual dramatic choice.  As much as I did like most of the Cleansing, I don’t think I’ll be looking for book 2.

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