Monday, March 10, 2014

Under Nameless Stars Book Review

Under Nameless Stars

Christian Schoon


Pub Date: Apr 1 2014

3/5 Stars


        I would first like to say that anyone who judges this book by it’s cover is in for a rude awakening.  I can’t imagine that anyone who had read the book could have created such a cover; but hey, I’m no artist.  Second, I would like to suggest both to the reader and to the publisher that this book belongs firmly in the Middle Grade Category.  Third, I would like to dissuade anyone older than 15 from reading this book.  The story is simplistic and very predictable.  The characters are two dimensional, and some of the attempts at science fiction border on simply the fantastic rather than anything approaching what could possibly happen.  I certainly don’t mind this sort of book from time to time.  But I think I may have literally aged out of it.  There was nothing new for me here and some of the plot twists that came out of no where just further served to make the rest of the book that much more predictable.  The foreshadowing was foretelling, unless you have never read a genre fiction book before and if you are a fan of Harry Potter you might just want to pass this one up altogether because you will find the story to simplistic for your tastes.

       I could probably do a fair bit of beating up on this book, but I won’t bother.  I’m not the intended audience and hopefully since the book is now in paperback; it will find it’s way to the Middle Grade shelves where it belongs.  There is nothing intrinsically bad about the book.  It’s just much too easy of a read for anyone looking for something in YA or adult genre fiction.


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