Friday, March 28, 2014

Fireblood Book Review


Whispers from Mirrowen (Book One)

Jeff Wheeler

Amazon Publishing

Pub Date: Feb 5 2013

3/5 Stars


             Fireblood is a strange book.  The prologue is excellent, right up until it ends.  The first 30-40% of the book is terrible.  Then the last 60% or so of the book is excellent.  I loved just about the entire 2nd half of the book.  With the exception of a truly horrific dialogue sequence near the end where each character has a little monologue that is SO unrealistic and COMPLETELY ridiculous that it was almost funny, almost…  Jeff Wheeler DOES create a good fantasy world that is interesting for the reader to explore.  He even manages to create some interesting characters.  The fact that the main antagonist might as well be a mustache twirling villain is probably the only other thing I was put off by, with Fireblood.  This book could have done with a really good editor.  Someone who could have not only perhaps pulled out all the garbage from the first 30-40% but also could have made some of the dialogue flow better and perhaps pumped some life into our villain.  If I was not reviewing this book for publication I would have never made it out of the first 30-40%.  Authors have to realize this, you HAVE to hook your reader in the beginning and not EXPECT them to trudge through to get to the “good parts.”  Your book should be virtually ALL GOOD PARTS.  Not just half of it.


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